The New American Dream

The last century has been characterized by addition: larger homes, faster cars, and more stuff. It has yielded many fruits, but it has also created a culture and economy that values growth for growth’s sake.

URBANEER wants to help people realize the New American Dream, where growth promotes happy, responsible, meaningful lives. In this dream, the homes that we build and the products we produce are designed to improve lives and the planet, not merely bottom lines. In this dream, technology and innovation allow people to use less, thereby simplifying their lives and cutting down their environmental footprints, while improving the quality of their lives.

How We’re Doing It

URBANEER is supporting this dream by focusing on the multi-unit housing industry. Our range of products and services brings smart design to small space living, enabling residents to live simpler, fuller lives. Eventually, we envision solutions that include single-family housing, supportive housewares, and more.

We are building partnerships that will allow us to build a national service network and a branded URBANEER living experience across the spectrum of multi-unit housing types that includes student housing, market-rate apartments, senior living, and extended stay and resort environments.

In all of our endeavors, it is our aim to transform spaces, homes, the planet, and lives.


Heritage & Innovation

Home to companies such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth, Western Michigan is the epicenter of America’s furniture industry. A massive fabrication infrastructure, coupled with an explosion of advanced-industry jobs in the area, make few American cities more ripe for global design innovation than URBANEER’s base in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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What are your goals?

We’re driven to understand everything about your project so we can meet every need and simplify the entire process so you can deliver on time and on budget every time.