As people move and change, the spaces they live, work and play in need to reflect that evolution. Spaces not only need to be efficient and functional, but also have pleasant and modern aesthetics incorporated into them. Within the architecture and design industries, the challenge has been to provide environments that are functional, modern and on the cutting edge of technology, while navigating mounting space limitations.

URBANEER™ was created in order to fill that need by creating space solutions – that is, taking the square footage our customers have and maximizing their efficiency. We utilize dual-purpose furniture so our customers get the most out of the space they have, but we’re much more than product developers. URBANEER™ offers a complete range of services, from space-planning and room design to product implementation and interior furnishings.

Our clients are diverse and include businesses from a range of industries that are navigating square footage issues or simply trying to maximize the space they already work within. A number of industries like healthcare, commercial and residential real estate, retail, schools and more rely on us to provide solutions and increase efficiency for their spaces. Not only do we strive to make the process more efficient and stream-lined for the client, we also work hard to create spaces that are more flexible, adaptable and technology-enhanced. This allows for easier updating and changing of the space in the future as needed.

We offer products – both fabricated by us, and from third-party providers – that optimize the interior space and make the space function with more adaptability, flexibility and efficiency. Some of our features include moveable walls, storage solutions, wireless power, cabinetry and furnishings. For city dwellers with studio apartments, our wall bed and adjustable-height table help to make the most out of small spaces. Our movable walls are great for fast-paced and ever-changing industries like healthcare and retail, as well as constantly evolving office culture.

Real estate can get pricey and our fast-changing world calls for amenities that need to be able to keep up. Many of the spaces that we use every day are outdated and much less functional than they could be. With our state-of-the-art space solutions, we help real estate owners, developers, contractors, property managers, and more make their spaces do more. URBANEER™ is excited to be on the leading edge of interior innovation.


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