URBANEER™ was created to find space solutions for our ever-growing world. As the need to maximize space became an increasing priority, we realized we could meet that need with products that are adaptable, efficient and make every square foot count.

The Island is one of the many products available that embodies our mission to create space solutions. It allows for customization and has adjustable-height features, a mobile base situated on casters and wireless charging capabilities. URBANEER™ contributes space-efficiency products to a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, office and residential. In the Island’s case, however, the product is tailored specifically toward residential and multifamily spaces.

Our living spaces require us to do more and more. They have evolved from a place you call home to a place where you work, entertain, learn and play. We change our living spaces daily depending on our needs. As a result, they need to become more adjustable and adaptable to fit each person’s different lifestyle. We recognized this need when we created the Island – we needed to offer customers one piece of furniture that can fit multiple uses.

Despite its name, the Island is not just a typical kitchen island. It can be modified to become a coffee table, a dining table and, of course, a kitchen island. Unlike most kitchen islands that are built into a permanent space, the Island sits atop movable casters and can be easily moved from one room to another. The adjustability and flexibility allows product diversity and the Island can be brought into a living room as a coffee table or into an office as a sanding desk.

Just like the way we treat our living spaces, the way we work has changed drastically. People now rely on technology to do their work and many work from home. Offices have also incorporated stand-up workspaces for their employees. Sitting for too long can have adverse effects on your health, and we knew this when it came time to design the Island. The product’s adjustable-height feature can accommodate a stand-up workspace, creating a piece of furniture that not only maximizes space and diversifies your home, but also promote healthy habits in the way it can be raised.

The Island not only is adaptable for various living styles, but it helps to foster a more efficient and convenient lifestyle as well. As technology advances, we have more products and gadgets that need to be charged daily. Power is in increasingly short supply and a home only has so many power outlets and device chargers.

We took this to heart when it came time to work on the Island. Our goal is to not just make products that are adaptable, but to add efficiency to our customers’ lives. As more devices and appliances build in wireless power receivers, surfaces that support wireless power are becoming more popular. The wireless power receiver in the Island is a great example of how we promote efficiency in what we do.

Unlike many pieces of furniture in our homes, the Island is not just one thing. We have combined customized finishes with adaptability and wireless power technology to create a piece of furniture that moves as quickly as you do.


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