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ROI: How Housing Innovation Can Deliver Immediate Returns

Innovative ideas and products often don't go to market because they can't pencil out in present market conditions. Across Urbaneer's fifty-plus projects, we have consistently delivered units that lease faster and yield higher returns on a square foot basis than conventional units.

4 Ways Developers and Property Managers Can Design Around the Way People Live in the 21st Century

It can be difficult for real estate developers and property managers to pin down what kind of housing people need in the 21st century.

Minimalist Culture

Within the past few years, the minimalist movement has grown into its very own culture. From art and design to lifestyle, minimalism inspires a number of people across the world. People are realizing that the space they have to work with every day is getting smaller.

The History of URBANEER

The need for effective space solutions has not always been high priority. But as our population grows and space becomes more limited, people need a way to make every square foot count.

The Morton

One challenge in the residential market is attracting residents and buyers to properties. In a city that’s growing as quickly as Grand Rapids is, city real estate has become both in demand and competitive. In order to attract residents and buyers, residential areas need to be desirable.

The Rise of Compact Space

There’s a problem with supply and affordability in today’s housing market.

Spaces That Learn — GRBJ Feature

URBANEER™ was recently featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal sharing information about Spaces That Learn.

Product Highlight: The Island

URBANEER™ was created to find space solutions for our ever-growing world. As the need to maximize space became an increasing priority, we realized we could meet that need with products that are adaptable, efficient and make every square foot count.

Meet Bruce

Behind every brand is a passionate and motivated leader. For URBANEER™, it’s Bruce Thompson, president and cofounder of the space-solutions company.

URBANEER: Because Every Square Foot Counts

As people move and change, the spaces they live, work and play in need to reflect that evolution. Spaces not only need to be efficient and functional, but also have pleasant and modern aesthetics incorporated into them.