Venue Towers

New Multifamily Development

Project overview

Limited downtown real estate and growing demand for apartments catering specifically for singles lead the developer to incorporate furnished micro apartments into this multifamily project. URBANEER worked hand in hand with the developer’s design team to fit out these 375 square foot units.

To add versatility to the space, a Wall Bed sofa was used, which enables the small unit to easily go from sleep to lounge modes. Matching seven foot storage cabinets complement the unit’s one closet. And custom finishes were chosen by the developer’s architect to match the aesthetic of the entire building.

Project highlights

  • The studio units commanded 19% rental premium over conventional units.
  • Furnished studios were the first to pre-lease.

Project outcome

With our products we created a space that was functional and adaptable to the tenant's needs, while yielding higher rent on a square foot basis and leasing faster than conventional units.

We helped the developers design comfortable, attractive, and profitable apartments based on a unit type that is traditionally difficult to inhabit and market.



Heritage & Innovation

Home to companies such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth, Western Michigan is the epicenter of America’s furniture industry. A massive fabrication infrastructure, coupled with an explosion of advanced-industry jobs in the area, make few American cities more ripe for global design innovation than URBANEER’s base in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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