The Bungalow

New Single Family Development

Project overview

The Bungalow was brought about to push our limits. To see how far we could go then take it one step further.

We walked this project from infancy into adulthood, which allowed us to have control over all of the essential elements incorporated in this space. When you walk through this space you begin to get a real feeling for Urbaneer, our vision, and what the future of housing innovation looks like.

Project highlights

  • The Bungalow has our movable wall system, Wall Beds, storage systems, and our fold down tables. All placed strategically to allow for maximum space optimization.
  • The Bungalow has been highlighted throughout many media outlets and has been used as a blueprint for multiple developers since its unveil.
  • Using an 800sq ft floor plate, we created a space that lives closer to 1200sq ft.

Project outcome

We were able to go beyond what is expected from a single family home and create a space that can be flexible, accessible, and comfortable. The Bungalow's blueprint is now being used in a variety of settings, and continues to encourage outside of the box living.



Heritage & Innovation

Home to companies such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth, Western Michigan is the epicenter of America’s furniture industry. A massive fabrication infrastructure, coupled with an explosion of advanced-industry jobs in the area, make few American cities more ripe for global design innovation than URBANEER’s base in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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