Prototype Bed for Kasita Micro Housing Unit

Kasita is an Austin, Texas-based startup, that, in the words of Forbes, is “about to revolutionize real estate.” The centerpiece of the company is a fully self-contained, furnished housing unit, which approaches housing from an industrial design perspective. The Kasita unit is designed like a piece of technology, optimized for user experience and being produced at scale. Urbaneer was brought on by Kasita to help design, engineer, and fabricate several of the furniture pieces for their prototype units.

In our work with Kasita, we helped develop several iterations of the sofa-bed, optimizing  for ease of use, aesthetics, and function. We also built the interior elements for their prototype units; these elements included steps, nightstands, kitchen and bath cabinets, and closets. All elements had to match the modern look of the Kasita unit while being multifunctional (for example, the steps doubled as storage).

The tight confines of the unit and specific functionality and look required of each item presented a number of design and engineering challenges. But in the end, we were able to deliver furniture with the look, feel, and functionality fitting such a revolutionary product.

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