600 Douglas

New Multifamily Development

Project overview

URBANEER worked with the developer and their architects to fit out the project’s 485 square foot studios of the new development that included 18 townhome units in four buildings.

Project highlights

  • URBANEER units feature a powered, ceiling-hung movable wall that features a built-in entertainment center on one side, and a fold-down workstation with wireless power or stowable bed on the other.
  • A queen-sized murphy bed folds down over a custom sofa, providing day and night time usability.

Project outcome

An adaptable space that creates multiple room options based on each tenant’s needs.

The small studio, in effect, provides the functionality of a two bedroom unit at a fraction of the cost.



Heritage & Innovation

Home to companies such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth, Western Michigan is the epicenter of America’s furniture industry. A massive fabrication infrastructure, coupled with an explosion of advanced-industry jobs in the area, make few American cities more ripe for global design innovation than URBANEER’s base in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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