Cordless Kitchen by URBANEER and the Wireless Power Consortium Featured at 2018 Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle

URBANEER partnered with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to develop the very first commercially available wireless power kitchen, which was on display at the 2018 North America Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle, WA. All of the countertops in the kitchen are imbedded with Qi technology, and devices are powered by simply being placed on the surface (think cell phones, laptops, and cordless appliances, which are soon to hit the US market...). Studies suggest that the kitchen is the most trafficked and important area in many people’s homes and technology has pervaded nearly every aspect of our lives, and we are now bringing that into the kitchen.

Millennials Are Going Crazy Over This New Living Trend

If you are new to a city, balling on a budget or searching for a community, “Co-Living” may be the right option for you. Shared living companies such as WeLive, Common, Outside and Roam are bringing communal living into the 21st century. Young people are searching for community and connection in their cities, and co-living enables new connections as well as newfound freedom and flexibility.

Introducing the URBANEER Horizontal Wall Bed

Introducing The URBANEER Horizontal Wall Bed, the newest multifunctional piece in URBANEER's suite of smart products. Like all of our products, the Horizontal Wall Bed was designed to bring flexibility and multi-functionality to any room. We designed the Horizontal Wall Bed to open up sideways to allow for additional clearance when there is a low ceiling, when the projection into the room is limited, or if the occupant desires that particular style. Just like everything we create, functionality and quality were at top-of-mind while designing and engineering this piece.

Growing Minimalist Culture

Within the past few years, the minimalist movement has grown into its very own culture. From art and design to lifestyle, minimalism inspires a number of people across the world. People are realizing that the space they have to work with every day is getting smaller.

Living 3.0: An Approach to Start Solving America’s Housing Crisis

URBANEER has created a systems-based approach to transforming the housing industry that we call Living 3.0. It is an approach that leads to housing that is both accessible to the market and profitable for the builder/developer. It is an approach focused on providing the right housing for the times, using data to design around how people live in the 21st century. It is an approach that understands that getting housing built requires the participation of numerous financial and regulatory entities.