URBANEER has assembled a unique combination of talent that includes designers, engineers, builders and technologists to re-imagine living spaces for the 21st century. Our team is passionate about engineered solutions for living spaces that are becoming smaller and smarter.

Bruce Thompson

CEO & Founder

After 20 years in corporate development roles in the global technology industry, Thompson and his family spent two years living in Europe. He was inspired by the culture and lifestyle, and began thinking about the technological, environmental and cultural shifts that would transform the built environment. Once back in the US he made a transition into the construction industry in order to begin innovating within the built environment, which led to the founding of URBANEER. Thompson serves as the CEO, but he also provides constant inspiration and vision to our team while leading the charge into 21st century living.

Brenda Thompson


Brenda serves as the inspiration for all things URBANEER. With a background in PR and design, she is a brand ambassador for URBANEER and serves as the curator of the URBANEER Bungalow where she and Bruce live with their family. She has lived in every imaginable environment and has come to appreciate and love the ease of urban living. She has a passion for creating environments that support healthy living.

Lydia Hatton


A pioneering attitude draws Lydia to early stage commercialization work. After getting her MBA at Harvard, she worked in broadcast, digital media, new product, marketing and corporate roles in large cities across America. She returned to her native roots in Michigan where she met Bruce Thompson and his team, and was completely inspired by his vision for the future of living spaces.  Now she is applying everything that she learned after traveling the world back in Michigan, to then turn around, and help the team bring URBANEER out into the world.

Lisa Spaugh

Vice President of Sales

Lisa brings thirty years of multi-unit housing experience, property management and leasing, new construction, market segmentation, competitive analysis and extensive sales experience to the team, plus has deep connections within the national building and supply chains. Fresh out of college at the age of 26, Lisa started an online apartment searching service in Detroit. She sold her first company at a profit, and has been building her deep knowledge of real estate and construction ever since.

Lauren Applin

Vice President of Product

Lauren brings 15 years of residential and commercial product development, interior design and marketing experience with companies such as Restoration Hardware, izzy+, Herman Miller and The Stow Company to lead URBANEER product development, brand ideation and marketing. Lauren is seasoned in the realm of product development and marketing, but her ability to think strategically and lead a team effectively is what sets her apart. Lauren leads both our product development and marketing teams and is passionate about creating one cohesive brand presence across all of our departments.

Bernard Middleton

Director of Business Development, Mid-Atlantic Region

Bernard started his career following his passion to practice architecture in Washington, D.C.  He later led engagements for public and commercial real estate clients independently and within a leading management consulting firm.  After receiving an MBA from the Darden School of Business at University of Virginia he leveraged his analytical skills working for 15 years with a Fortune 50 corporation in various roles within Finance and Sales & Marketing.  He is excited to capitalize on his diverse career path to now lead business development efforts for URBANEER in the Mid-Atlantic market.

Fernando Ramirez

Product Designer

Fernando holds degrees in both industrial and environmental design and has an innate understanding of how space and product relate and work together. He brings over 8 years of experience in design to URBANEER and has worked with Steelcase, izzy plus, and a handful of start-ups as well as having served as chief design officer for Green Siteworks furniture. Fernando is also the owner of Studio Ferra, a design company that focuses on office space and product development. He has worked on residential furniture, contract furniture, outdoor furniture, toys, audio and everything in between.

LeRoy Johnson

Product Engineer

Leroy is an engineering consultant with over 30 years of experience. He focuses on helping companies and innovators with creative technical product development and product. He pioneered the development of a wireless kitchen island that was featured at CES 2018 at the Wireless Power Consortium booth. Leroy has 22 US patents, many in the field of wireless power.

Alexandra Wagner

Marketing Manager

Alexandra is a recent graduate from Grand Valley State University with a bachelor's degree in marketing and management. Alexandra specializes in content creation and graphic design. She is responsible for planning and executing physical and digital marketing for our different teams. She manages our social media, newsletter, website, and write for our blog as well as creates all sales, marketing and product materials. She is also responsible for coordinating projects and creating/implementing systems to ensure quality and communication.

Levi Stephenson

Finance & Sales Operations Manager

Levi is a GVSU graduate with a bachelor's degree in accounting. He was a part of the Cook Leadership Academy during his time at GVSU. Levi analyzes and manages financial data, translating it into meaningful insights. He also manages and create tools, systems, and processes that enable us to optimize spaces for our products, quantify the value and feasibility of a project, and have synergy among our different teams.

Jingyi Sein

Product Design Assistant

Jingyi is a Furniture Design graduate from Kendall School of Design (KCAD), where she graduated with honors and was a finalist in the annual ASFD design competition. She has worked on major interior design/construction projects in Southern China, and attended international business and trade courses in Shenzhen. Although furniture is her passion, her skills go beyond product design as she also does event and project photography. Jingyi now assists with product design and new product ideation at URBANEER.