We design & build spaces for the 21st century. We offer a suite of intelligent home furnishings —moving walls, wall beds, kitchen islands that go from coffee table to counter heights, built in cabinetry and more —that give spaces maximum functionality and flexibility.

With these products, our team works with clients to make their spaces more efficient, adaptable, elegant, and intelligent than they would be using conventional furniture solutions.

What we do

Space Optimization

URBANEER space optimization experts help clients make the most of their spaces. Whether you want to add a room to your home, or add units to a multifamily development, we can help you make the most out of your space.

Interior Fit-Out

We engineer flexible space solutions that integrate our own products with third party elements to provide a complete fit-out. We can provide single product installation to a full white-box build out of a housing unit. We strive for common fit and finish.

Product Development

Want something we don’t have? Our team of product designers and engineers
are experts at product prototyping and development.

Our end-to-end sales process handles design, manufacturing, and installation, shortening and simplifying development time.

By leveraging technology, we can offer a lean approach to produce high quality, mass customized products and solutions delivered at scale no matter your project’s size or stage.

our story

Founded in 2012 by
Bruce Thompson & Michael VanGessel

When they first met, Bruce had just returned to his Grand Rapids, Michigan hometown from a decades-long career as an innovation officer for numerous technology firms across the globe. Mike was the founder of one of the Michigan's largest construction, development, and management companies.  

The two hit it off immediately. They both recognized an innovation gap in the way living spaces are designed and built. While technology enables us to pack a ton of functionality into tiny packages, our homes are still single-purpose, inefficient, and unable to adapt to the changing nature of how people live today. While households keep getting smaller, and land and labor get more expensive, homes keep getting bigger. While technology impacts virtually every industry, the way we design, furnish, and build our homes is still rooted in 19th century technology.

The men wondered what would happen if homes were designed and built around the way people live in the 21st century, using 21st century technology.

URBANEER is their response. 

The company is transforming the way homes are designed, built, and managed. Our suite of intelligent home furnishings leverage innovation and technology to create multifunctional spaces that offer maximum flexibility of use. Using prefabricated components, wall systems, and multipurpose furnishings, URBANEER makes construction more efficient, reducing spatial needs and associated real estate costs, all while providing a better user experience.

If you are interested in bringing your space into the 21st century, contact us and find out what we can do for you.


Our team brings brings together decades of experience
in the development, technology, architectural, and other industries.

President, Cofounder

Bruce Thompson

Bruce Thompson has a long career vigorously building and growing technology companies. Bruce’s has worked on corporate development for a host of groundbreaking companies such as  MCI Telecommunications, where he helped launched the first large scale e-commerce service, and Proxicom, an Internet systems integration firm that grew from $8M to over $220M. Among other positions, Bruce was a partner in MAPA Group, a Washington D.C. based business development firm that helped launched alternative energy and green building initiatives. Most recently, Bruce served as VP of Corporate Development at Rockford Construction, where he met URBANEER cofounder Mike VanGessel. Bruce has lived in three countries and five states, but proudly resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife and two sons.


Mike Vangessel

Cofounder Mike VanGessel brings thirty years of real estate development, construction, and management to the URBANEER team. Mike is best known as a founding partner of Rockford Construction, one of the Top 400 Contractors in the nation that has completed 4,200 projects totaling more than $3.8 billion. Mike is a Grand Rapids native with strong ties to the community and serves on many corporate and nonprofit boards. He is also a frequently requested speaker in the community and helps many organizations with capital campaigns and strategic planning.

What are your goals?

We’re driven to understand everything about your project so we can meet every need and simplify the entire process so you can deliver on time and on budget every time.