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URBANEER brings the innovation, value, and efficiency the 21st century home demands. By using the latest in design technology, our space-optimizing products make your space perform better and live larger than it would using conventional solutions.


Multifamily Developers

Working with our products and developer floor-plans, URBANEER’s space optimization experts help achieve greater unit and bed density on new and existing properties. We also work with developer’s interior designers and architects to make sure our customizable products match their vision for every project.

URBANEER projects are delivering up to 15% rental premium on a square foot basis versus conventional configurations. But because unit sizes are smaller, URBANEER units can be offered at lower total rent than their conventional equivalent.

On several projects, URBANEER has significantly increased unit density on existing floor plates, transforming languishing two and three bedrooms units with fast-leasing studios and one bedrooms.

Architects & Interior Designers

URBANEER understands and is able to support the needs of architects and interior designers in making sure a space looks and performs at its best. All of our space optimizing furnishings are available in a variety of custom options, allowing architects and interior designers to realize their full vision.

Contractors & Homebuilders

With our roots in the construction business, URBANEER knows how to work with contractors. Whether creating a new purpose for an existing space, fitting out a new home, or doing a standard remodeling project, our products and in-house space optimization experts give contractors the resources they need to improve any project’s look and capabilities. And with a variety of custom options, we work with contractors to ensure that their clients needs are met on time and on budget.

Property Managers

URBANEER transforms your existing units, making them more functional, attractive, and durable for your tenants. We can also take smaller units and make them compete with larger ones. And we do this while increasing per square foot unit value and reducing property maintenance and tenant turnover. For property managers, our furnishings offer a significant value add and market differentiator in the competitive rental market.

We are a full-service team with the ability to lead complex projects  at every stage—from design, engineering, to installation so you can deliver on time and on budget every time.

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Featured Product: Wall Bed

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We’re driven to understand everything about your project so we can meet every need and simplify the entire process so you can deliver on time and on budget every time.